True Stereo Complete

Includes all four true stereo libraries

True Stereo Complete screeshot

The True Stereo libraries 1, 2, and 3 are recordings of various high end studio reverbs, including units from Lexicon, Sony, Yamaha, Roland, TC Electronic, Korg, and Kurzweil. True Stereo 4 is the "metal" library with various springs and plates.

True Stereo Complete does not have a separate installer. Purchasing True Stereo Complete will give you a serial that will unlock all four of the True Stereo libraries.

True Stereo processing is a powerful feature supported by Convology XT. A True Stereo impulse response has four channels consisting of the direct channel responses (L->L and R->R) and the cross-channel responses (L->R and R->L). Input sounds panned to one side will produce reverb output in both channels. This exactly models how stereo reverbs units work, even when sounds are panned to one side, the reverb outputs spacious sounding reverb in both output channels. When a true stereo response is loaded into ConvologyXT, four separate convolution processors are required to render the response. Hence, processing true stereo responses takes roughly twice the processing power of stereo responses.


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