True Stereo 4

True stereo metals library

True Stereo 4 screeshot

The Convology XT True Stereo 4 Library, aka “Metals” library, contains true stereo impulse response files from the EMT 140 Plate Reverb, EMT 240 Gold Foil Plate Reverb, AKG BX5, BX10, BX15, and BX20 Spring Reverbs, and Master Room MRIII Spring Reverb. The 140 responses are glorious sounding with smooth dense responses. The 240 is darker sounding. The other spring units are decidedly bright and boingy, and would be of interest to guitarists looking for interesting spring reverb sounds. The library contains 54 responses measured at 96 kHz, 24-bit, size 215 MB.



AKG BX5 unit 1: 3 IRs, 12M

AKG BX5 unit 2: 3 IRs, 13M

AKG BX10 unit 1: 5 IRs, 12M

AKG BX10 unit 2: 6 IRs, 24M

AKG BX10 unit 3: 5 IRs, 22M

AKG BX15: 6 IRs, 32M

AKG BX20 unit 1: 6 IRs, 26M

AKG BX20 unit 2: 4 IRs, 17M

EMT 140: 6 IRs, 25M

EMT 240: 5 IRs, 18M

MasterRoom: 4 IRs, 10M

Total: 53 IRs, 215M

True Stereo 4 is included in True Stereo Complete

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